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World Natural Colours

Come along on this journey into the spice routes and how the politics and culture of natural colours shaped our world !

Here are a list of the dates in 2018 when I will release new yarns dyed with natural plant colours from all around the world. 

January 26 - Australia Day - True Blue Gum: Blue, golden tan and white

February 14 - St. Valentine's Day - True Love: Red, pink and white

 March 17 - St Patrick's Day - Green, Orange, White 

April 1 - Jerusalem: Golden, Yellow, White and Black
April 25 - Anzac Day: Aust. & NZ: Black, Red, Blue, Green
May 13 - Mother's Day : Aqua blue, Rose.

June  17 - India Day: Rich browns, yellow, burnt orange, black

July 4 - Independence Day: Orange, Aqua, Brown (Pokahontas)

August 1 - Brazil : Cherry Pink (Dragon's blood) 
September 2 - Father's Day: Blues 
October 1 - Spring, Earth day: Green, blue, yellow (Gaya)
October 31 - Halloween, USA: Orange, Black (Bewitched)
November 11 - Armistice, 9/11: Peach, Aqua, gold (Peace)
December 25 - Worldwide: Red, Green (Mary Claus)