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Hand-dyed Silk Scarves

These scarves are bespoke handmade and hand-dyed products. Using foraged plants native to Australia and grown locally, these are arranged and applied to a Habuti Silk Scarf using a pot-dyeing technique.

The colours are different in each scarf; depending on the plant matter included and sealed within the scarf and the kind of plant in the pot bath that gives its own background colour. 

So the names of the scarf are the: the plant used in the pot (first name)  and then (second name) the included plants, seeds, berries or roots rolled up in the scarf. So for example, if the scarf is called "Eucalypt and Wattleseed" the scarf has been in a boiling  pot of Eucalyptus leaves, with wattle seed rolled inside the scarf to add detail.

This is a truly unique Australian product, sourced locally and sustainably, using natural plant-based dyeing techniques. It has a surprise of colour and texture in every section! When worn, these scarves will attract the eye, in a way that commercial dyeing can never emulate. Natures gift!