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Our Yarns

What yarn bases do we stock?

I choose to only dye up locally-produced Australian merino wool or sock bases, that use ethical animal practices. The Millpost Merino wool base comes almost directly from the farm using permaculture principles and methods of farming. Apart from choosing to support other small businesses in Australia, I like it that there is minimal carbon footprint with these yarns. 

Platypus YarnPlatypus Sock - is a 80% Australian merino, 20% nylon fingering weight wool. It is a small Australian-owned business, that hand-winds skeins of 112g/418m. This sock  wool dyes up very well, produces strong colours, is hard-wearing and yet is very soft.



Millpost Merino

 Millpost Merino - is a 100% Australian Saxon-Merino fingering wool direct from the farm from which it was produced. It is a superfine merino  17.5 micron with a loose twist, in 150g skeins. It has a plump, soft and rich feel that is warm and snuggly to the touch with a soft fluffy halo. It dyes well, but in lighter shades than the Platypus Sock when using the same plant materials.



"I received my yarn today and it's beautiful! I can't wait to find a pattern and cast on. As always, the product and service are top rate."



"Your yarns are so soft"