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Would you like to collaborate in your next design with Gum Blossom yarns?

I am keen to see natural yarns used in projects. So please contact me with your design proposal including:

  • A description of your design, a sketch, photo or pattern outline
  • Which yarn base you would like, possible colour ways and amount of yarn
  • A time frame of when you will need the yarn and when you plan to publish the pattern or design
  • A shipping address for yarns or yarn kits
  • If you need our email address for collaborations please use: gumblossomyarns@icloud.com 

After you have emailed your proposal, I will review it and get back to you ASAP.

If you will be publishing your pattern design and intend to list GUMBLOSSOMYARNS exclusively as the recommended yarn or yarn kit, we will happily provide you with free yarn support. 

If you will be using another brand along with GUMBLOSSOMYARNS yarns or, if you intend to recommend other brands of yarn as well, then we can offer you a discounted rate. For information contact: gumblossomyarns@icloud.com

Gum Blossom Shawl by Meg Gadsbey  (made with the "Gum Blossom" yarn)