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Gum Blossom Yarns

Tricolour yarns

Apologies! Some of these may be unavailable due to the drought.
Each mordant gives a slight colour variation of the unmordanted colour way from a single plant extract. In these beautiful tricolour yarns, either a plant extract has reacted with three mordants (alum, copper and iron) or three different plant extracts are added to different parts of a (single) mordanted ball or skein. The result is a stunning yarn with complementing naturally-derived colours!
These include a skein of avocado developed in three mordants, and a eucalyptus variegated skein, a smooth mauve grapevine colour way, a gardenia and purple people eater yarn as well as black-eyed susan, iresine and parsley tricoloured yarn balls.

With 80% extra-fine merino, this yarn is so soft.  Soft and cushy, this yarn is perfect for all projects including garments, shawls and baby clothes.  Yarns are in-stock and ready to ship!

Platypus Sock / 4ply
80% Fine Merino Wool / 20% Nylon
437 yards / 400 meters in 106g 
7-8 sts / inch on 2.0-3.25mm or US 0-3
Gentle hand wash in cold water

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