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The Scribbly Gum and Gum Blossom Yarns

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The beautiful Gum Blossom yarns will be available for sale early July 2016. In the meantime, subscribe to our Scribbly Gum news to hear of new seasonal-dyed yarn colours.


In this Scribbly Gum newsletter I will post photos of plants from my bush foraging and new extracts and dyeing tests (a bird, animal or day in the 'burbs' photo may sneak in from my walks).

Australian author May Gibbs created many magical children's stories including the two characters "Snugglepot and Cuddlepie". These adventurous australian bush-babies ride on a goanna and come upon the Bush Editor writing "The Daily Bark" news on the trunk of a Scribbly Bark gum tree!

I have included a photo of her drawing of a scribbly gum bark showing how the moth larvae makes the scribbly tracks easily seen on the white bark of several types of Australian Eucalyptus trees. Inspired by these stories I have created yarns dyed from native leaves, bark and gumnuts.

It is great weather for knitting, so warm up those needles (circular, dpns or straight) and lets get some swatching going for these scrumptious 3-4ply fingering weight yarns!



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