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Simone Cross Colourways Combinations Complimentary Consult

Need to see what colour ways would suit your next KAL, CAL or MKAL?

Like to see a picture together of complementing yarn combinations?

Ask for a free consult!

I can photograph combinations of three yarns or more and send you mobile phone pictures to help your yarn decision!

I will also send you a monochrome photo so you can choose a light, mid- and dark colour way combination that will enhance your project and give it that zing!

Its free! just ask for a consult and provide answers to these questions:

  1. How many skeins do I need?
  2. For what pattern/piece of clothing/Ravely project?
  3. What colour do I want as the main colour?
  4. For what age group?

I will ask you these (if not provided) and then send you photos of skeins together for your best choice and project success.

I love to talk all things yarn! If I don't have a colour way, I will dye it up for you, providing the flower/plant/seed is available


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