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Gum blossom yarns are hand-dyed by nature, using whole plants, berries, flowers and nuts foraged locally. These yarns offer soft natural yarn tones complementary to all ages and skin-types, gentle and pleasing to the eye.

These hand-dyed yarns offer an environmentally sustainable alternative to synthetic yarns. Some of these yarns use plant-derived dyes and have no added chemicals whatsoever (called un-mordanted yarn). Some of these yarns are unique: dyed with newly discovered plant sources from the "land down under". Each yarn is photographed with its source, so you know exactly where it came from.

Natural and synthetic dyes can be light-sensitive, but washed woollen articles should never be hung in the sun. Some synthetic yarns (e.g. reds) will have colour run. Our natural dyed yarns have been tested for colour and light fastness, and will have minimal colour run and light fade with gentle hand washing using a pH neutral wool wash.